Bailey Discovery Camper Trailers

Posted: May 30, 2021
Bailey Discovery Camper Trailers
$21k - $22,500
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Bailey of Bristol, the British company that makes the Bailey Discovery line of camper trailers, sounds like a name too proper, too sophisticated to design something so...hitch 'er up and rough it road trip-style. Bailey of Bristol themselves even call their Discovery D4-2, D4-3, and D4-4 models, "touring caravans" rather than "trailers" or "RVs."

That said, the Discovery camper trailers aren't some ultra-luxe, pimped-out, cost-prohibitive glamper trailers. They're nice, and have a few unique features, for sure, but by camper standard, they are affordable and, more importantly, they're actually built for the casual, no-frills endeavors they were created for. Camping. Cross-country treks. Living on the side of the road in a quiet residential neighborhood until the cops kick you out because your city has no affordable housing.

D4-2, -3, and -4 designations indicate the number of people the camper trailers' layouts were configured to accommodate. All 3 are single axle, but each is a little longer than the one before it. Additional Discovery features include:

  • Lightweight design, with trailers ranging from 2,200 to 2,660 pounds
  • Alu-Tech wraparound bodyshell profile for improved aerodynamics
  • A bright interior with a vertical opening front skylight
  • Truma Combi blown air heating system
  • A Thetford Triplex combination oven, grill, and range
  • A Dometic 103 litre refrigerator
  • A bathroom with on-board shower
  • An optional PRIMA wrap around awning (add-on)
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