Car Full of Bees Sunshade

Posted: July 15, 2019
Car Full of Bees Sunshade
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Archie McPhee's Car Full of Bees Sunshade is multi-talented. 1) The accordion visor will help protect your car seats from the most brutal of the sun's rays and heat. 2) The hive swarming your windshield, and the clearly inexperienced beekeeper behind it, will promote honeybee awareness, and show support of their conservation efforts. 3) Heh, heh, heh. A car full of bees will give passersby a chuckle, and earn you your karma points for the day.

Unless they're allergic, in which case straight to hell you go!

A pair of suction cups hold the 50" wide x 27.5" high sunshade in place. Archie McPhee says its dimensions are such that the sunshade will fit most windshields, and successfully fill most sizes of car with bees.

Those afraid of bees, or just more into flying to Alderaan than harvesting honey, might go with this most excellent Star Wars Sunshade instead.

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