EarthRoamer LTi with Carbon Fiber Camper

Posted: November 04, 2019
EarthRoamer LTi with Carbon Fiber Camper
$590k - $700k
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EarthRoamer continues their global expedition efforts with the LTi, a road tripper whose juicy center is a camper with an all carbon fiber body. EarthRoamer considers its LTi the most advanced of the 250+ expedition vehicles they've ever made.

The LTi camper achieves its carbon fiber frame via a vacuum infusion process, which bonds 2 carbon fiber skins to a structural foam core. The result is a monocoque carbon fiber body that, true to the material, is ultra strong and ultra light.

Probably helps compensate a bit for the beast of a chassis that carries it, a Ford F-550.

Other new additions to the EarthRoamer LTi include:

  • Digital electrical control systems
  • Frameless, flush-mount glass windows
  • Increased water capacity of 100 gallons fresh / 50 gallons grey
  • Redesigned hot water system
  • Side bunk windows
  • Increased stand up height
  • Lithium Ion battery bank
  • Auto charge function
  • Dual inverter chargers
  • Multicolor indirect interior lighting
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