ARQUUS Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4 x 4

Posted: July 03, 2019
ARQUUS Scarabee Hybrid Armored 4 x 4

ARQUUS debuted its Scarabee, an armored 4x4 military vehicle built with both traditional and EV technology, at the Summer 2019 Paris Air Show. There attendees got a look at what ARQUUS calls the first ever "natively hybrid" military ride, one made for reconnaissance, scouting, and support that endeavors to reinvent energy requirements for field mobility.

The Scarabee's hybrid drive includes a "boost" mode that recruits both its thermal and electrical engines, as well as an "all electrical mode." More than an environmentally-conscious approach, the hybrid nature gives the 4x4 some stealth advantages. Tactical approaches in the all-electric mode would allow the Scarabee to approach targets silently, and with no thermal signature, plus sit through a long, silent watch with all systems on. (Yep, the same characteristics considered disadvantages in consumer EVs, and ones causing electric car manufacturers to start adding sounds to the vehicles so pedestrians and other cars know they're coming.)

Scarabee armor includes ballistic and mine protection, with a design for "collaborative combat" that allows the vehicle to carry systems ranging from multi-purpose RCWS and a multi-caliber cannon to RGL cameras and anti-drone systems.

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