eleMMent Palazzo Land Yacht

Posted: September 17, 2013
eleMMent Palazzo Land Yacht
$3 million
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DeLoreans set the standard and all, but if I had to travel to and from the future today, I'd want to hit the space-time continuum in equal parts comfort, class, and automatic liftable flybridge lounge that self-converts to a bar and twerk floor when the sun sets. German luxury vehicle manufacturer Marchi Mobile has created the eleMMent Palazzo, a land yacht fit for accommodating Doc Brown's latest advancements in flux capacitors, as well as the average citizen with $3 million to spend on the ultimate cruisemobile.

The Palazzo is stacked with two full floors of recreation and relaxation. In addition to its duo of interior and exterior lounges, the vehicle houses a deluxe master bedroom with integrated bathroom. For sleeping on the road, plus, I quote, "pleasant recovery" following the use of its multiple on-board bars. A slide-out cube on the driver's side can also increase interior space by 80%.

Driving and navigation are assisted by a programmed central control with touchscreen. Layers of security include remote video access for monitoring the Palazzo on the rare occasion an owner would wish to leave it, plus remote interior controls that enable lighting activation and temperature pre-sets prior to a party's return.

My personal observations are that the land yacht's front fender looks like an ominous creature of the sea, and its front windshield looks like the power button on my MacBook.

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