ICON Thriftmaster Truck

Posted: November 06, 2013
ICON Thriftmaster Truck
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Sometimes I like vintage. Well, vintage aesthetics. Not really vintage functionality. Or the thought of being in my strapping manly prime when now-vintage things were in theirs. Typewriters. Cool to look at. Not cool to use. Not cool to go back and have to live in 1955. Where you'd maybe have to stave off your teenage mom's advances. ICON Motors' latest, the Thriftmaster Truck, meets all of the above requirements--it's vintage in the visual, drool-running-down-my-chin sense of a pinup girl, but with its Magnuson supercharged 435-horsepower V8 engine, ABS-equipped disc brakes, an all-LED lighting system, touchscreen control panel, and a US-sourced ash wood bed floor with stainless steel runners, it probably won't stick me with calling for a tow because the engine has inexplicably sputtered and died, or asphyxiate me with its exhaust, and definitely won't relegate me back to the 1950s era of its foundation's namesake, the Chevy 3100.

Designed by ICON head honcho, Jonathan Ward, each Thriftmaster Truck is hand built in California, and available numbered, signed, and as part of an extremely limited production. The Magnusen supercharger is an optional feature; standard Thriftmasters are outfitted with GM Erod 5.3 LC9, 315HP engines, with environmentally-conscious performance and full emissions system components. Other (standard) specs include:

  • 6-speed TKO Tremec Manual Transmission
  • Art Morrison chassis
  • Independent front suspension; four-link solid axle rear
  • Restored vintage body (Chevy 3100)
  • Painted gloss or matte finish, in buyer's color choice
  • Stainless steel body hardware
  • Brushed, nickel plated trim, with matte ceramic clear coat
  • Mandrel bent aluminized exhaust system
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