Ripsaw EV2 Luxury Tank

Posted: June 04, 2015

If you're in the market for a new ride, hemming and hawing over whether to get a Dodge Ram or a Ford F-150, I'm afraid I'm about to throw a wrench the size of a tank into your deliberation process. Say hello to, and then get the hell out of the way of the Ripsaw EV2 luxury tank.

A handcrafted, high-speed super tank, the Ripsaw EV2 was (obviously) originally designed for military use. But now creator Howe and Howe Tech has made it the subject of a limited run for the general public's extreme off-road recreational use. The tank's base platform, the "Ripsaw", earned a spot on the covers of magazines such as Popular Science and won Invention of the Year awards for proving itself to be the fastest dual tracked vehicle ever developed. Howe and Howe Tech then spent a few thousand hours translating this formidable foundation for the commercial market, emerging with the pimped-out beast with 12" of suspension travel and 600 diesel horsepower you see before you.

I'm pretty sure just opening one of the Ripsaw EV2's gull-wing doors would turn an adjacent Smart Car into scrap metal.

So how much should you make Howe and Howe Tech's check out for? Pricing is as custom as each buyer's tank will be, but the company does kindly remind interested parties who aren't Richard Branson or a Saudi prince that "These vehicles take up to 6 months to fabricate and cost well into the 100s of thousands of dollars depending on desired luxury and performance packages." They ask for serious inquiries only via phone or email contact.

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