Posted: June 16, 2016
Tron Car

Unlike the (now discontinued) TRON Light Cycle, you never could--and likely never will be able to--go to the TRON store and buy one of Timur Bozca's TRON Cars. You might be able to commission one with enough dollars and fanaticism, but for now the futuristic designer's ode to 2010's TRON: Legacy is just a concept. And a swell way to make that 10 minutes between now and your lunch break go by faster.

I've been staring at the Tron Car for about 6 now, and this is what I've determined: the front of it looks like a happy, cooing Predator. See it? The blue LED dreads on either side, the front grill as a puckered mouth? Oh hey, and the mouth itself looks a little like Yoda. See it? The round head, the pointy ears extended outward....

Bozca, speaking more intelligently of the car he designed, has determined the following:

  • The Tron Car's appearance is modeled after Sam Flynn's black & blue Tron suit. Naturally.
  • The Tron Car is electric. Also naturally. Both battery and power units charge and store energy to fuel the concept's 4 electronic Hub Motors.
  • A streamlined shape and hooded wheels endeavor to "gain the same riveting performance and techno enthusiasm displayed in the movie."
  • Vehicle dimensions are 13' x 6-1/2' x 5', with 20" wheels.
  • The Tron Car seats 4 from interior seats installed suspended from the roof. But no image rendering! Come on, Timur Bozca, that's the best part!
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