ZERO Helicopter

Posted: July 08, 2013
ZERO Helicopter

Holy hovering vehicle of flight! It's the ZERO concept helicopter from Spanish helicopter thinker upper Hector del Amo. How does it work? How fast can it go? How far can it go? Is it safe? Who the hell knows?! Apparently when you design a concept product, explanations, details, and logistics are optional and del Amo provides none in his gallery of aircraft images.

Still, the photos alone are sick enough that I think I will take one ZERO helicopter, please. Deliver between the hours of 2 and 4, when my mama is still at work, but I myself am awake from my afternoon nap. And don't be dropping it off in the middle of the street like you did in that one picture. I don't want Cornelius seeing it until I'm looming maniacally outside his bedroom window, dirty, slightly bloody, clothes ripped, and muscles bulging like Schwarzenegger in the Harrier in True Lies.

If your admiration for the ZERO Helicopter goes beyond a nonsensical stream of consciousness about covert delivery times and making a friend shit his pants in a manner reminiscent of a classic 90s action flick, consider reaching out to del Amo on Behance. Behance, if you haven't been there, is an online venue for artists and designers--particularly students--to showcase their ideas, generate interest and support, build networks, and potentially attract investors.

Muchas danke to Crnchy.

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