Ziesel Offroad Driving Chair

Posted: November 11, 2013
Check It Out

Dude. I don't know. Maybe it's a sweet ride when you're in the driver's seat, but as an onlooker, all I see when I look at Der Ziesel's offroad monster chair is Grandpa making a breakaway. Grandpa barreling up the Alps. Grandpa whizzing across the swamps of Florida. Grandpa trekking over the river and through the woods for a clandestine meeting with...hey! That's not Grandma!

Sure, maybe Grandpa's hardcore, but he's still an octogenarian who needs a padded, ergonomic seat that supports his lumbar region, and a joystick steering wheel that doesn't require a wide range of upper body motion. That's why he's riding a Ziesel instead of a Polaris or a snow machine.

I'll refrain from touching on the possibilities of incorporating a Ziesel-mobile into the Special Olympics.

Still, Ziesels promote themselves as the unlimited vehicle. They can traverse ski slopes, sand dunes, cross-country ski tracks (bet the folks on foot are going to love the conveyor belt tire marks they leave behind there!), motocross tracks, and bike parks with equal ease and stability. The machine runs for hours on a silent, eco-friendly electric motor, so Ziesel will provide extended fun without disturbing the peace and beauty of the places it travels.

Ziesel rated horsepower is 6.5, with a peak power of 20.9 and top speed of just under 22 mph. Its tubular steel frame has rollover protection, and Deltatracks tires maintain grip and stability over nearly any surface.

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