License Plate Frame Flipper

Posted: September 22, 2017
License Plate Frame Flipper

The License Plate Frame Flipper automatic mechanism that rotates your license plates at the press of a button. And why would you have 2 license plates you need to alternate between? Uh, because you're the next James Bond. And also you got in big trouble with the po-lice after you bought and used the 007 Motorized Licensed Plate Masks.

The License Plate Frame Flipper's flipping controller installs hidden behind a replaceable panel, so you don't have to cut the bumper or body of your car to use it. Good thing too, because if my options were using a screwdriver to swap out my license plates, or hacking up my car to do it, I'd probably stick with the screwdriver.

Note to Spies: The License Plate Frame Flipper seller says they will, "take no responsibility for the use of this product in violation of any laws or regulations."

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