Magnetic Car Sunroof Sunshade

Posted: March 21, 2020
Magnetic Car Sunroof Sunshade
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We're still allowed to drive, right? And open the windows? The sunroof, if you live in a place where the first day of spring actually brought the first day of spring. If you're out crusing to pass the time, or just sitting in your parked car at least 6' away from other parked cars somewhere pretty, watching the girls squirrels go by, perhaps you'd like some overhead shade and ventilation in the form of this magnetic car sunroof shade.

The magnetic shade's sellers also ask, "Are you annoyed hot air and bad smell in the car after it was stay under sunlight? Do you like fresh air when camping overnight in car?" The polyester net of their sunroof cover brings breathable mesh overhead to keep you cool and your car aerated while parked during hot and smelly times. It also serves as a bug blocker.

The magnetic car sunroof sunshade attaches in about 10 seconds via magnetic strips running along its 4 edges. This listing's shade measures 37.8" x 23.6", which should be suitable for most cars, SUVs, MPVs, and other vehicles with iron roofs.

Don't forget the Star Wars Sunshade for your front windshield.

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