Bane Motorcycle Jacket

Posted: September 21, 2013
Bane Motorcycle Jacket

If you prefer to be the villain, hold a special place in your heart for Bane and his anesthetic tarantula-mouth mask, or just don't feel ballsy enough to wear the molded leather chest plate, gauntlets, and butt huggers fashioned for UD Replicas' Dark Knight Rises Batman motorcycle suit, this subtler Bane motorcycle jacket may be more your style. The piece is fully-functional, plus transforms from mixed-leather, CE-approved riding gear to just the trademark, high-five-approved combat vest Bane rocked in the film.

The jacket's sleeves and collar zip into the vest, and give the appearance of two separate pieces. Like all UD Replicas gear, Bane's piece features form-molded leather detailing, removable body armor and lightweight interior lining, sturdy edge seaming, and the capacity to persuade half the cops who pull you over to let you off with admiration and a warning, and the other half to double your citations out of envy. The Bane jacket also includes a brass lower belt buckle and adjustable forearm gauntlets.

UD Replicas will accept orders through November 9, 2013, for first quarter 2014 delivery. Edition is limited to 500 pieces.

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