Domio Helmet Audio System

Posted: August 31, 2019
Domio Helmet Audio System
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The Domio Moto helmet audio system is here to add more vibes, and vibrations, to your ride. Designed not as a motorcycle helmet insert, but an externally mounted sound system, the Domio Moto transfers its audio to your ears using the brand's proprietary Vibro-Audio technology, or vibrational energy. You won't need wires, internal speakers, or earbuds to hear what the Domio Moto is pumping, and what the Domio Moto is pumping won't interfere with your ability to hear what's going on on the road and around you.

Domio says its Vibro-Audio sound transfer tech produces over 100dB of sound output in crisp Hi's, clear Mid's, and deep Lo's regardless of your riding speed. It connects to your phone or other music device via Bluetooth 5.0, and has a 24-hour battery life per use. The top of the unit has a simple 3-oversized-button control panel for all playback functions, and a hard outer shell makes the system water-resistant.

Domio Moto audio systems use spring-loaded, 3M-backed helmet mounts to adhere to a range of helmet types, including open face, motocross, full face, modular, and open face beanie. Domio says they're "so tough they'll never fall off. No matter the speed you ride at." Each system also comes with 2 mounts, you can swap it between helmets.

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