Lunasee Motorcycle Wheel Lights

Posted: April 30, 2013
Lunasee Motorcycle Wheel Lights
$149.95 - $199.95
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Lunasee ASL wheel lights for motorcycles increase rider visibility and safety by providing active side lighting over a broad range, even when bikes are outside the direct path of another vehicle's headlight. That the wraparound installation in action is reminiscent of a TRON Light Cycle doesn't hurt its cause either.

Lunasee cords address several no-see-um issues that tend to plague motorcyclists at night, including:

  • Lack of side lighting.
  • Having only single points of light (e.g., a headlight) that often get lost in the environment.
  • Lack of visibility in other drivers' periphery.
  • Other drivers' stunted ability to judge a motorcycle's distance, speed, and direction.
  • Late recognition of motorcycle presence that could lead to a near-miss...or impact.
  • Owning a bike that increases your coolness and appeal with the ladies, but not by quite enough to trump the guy next to you who both has a sweet bike, and works as a fitness model for Nike.

Lunasee installations do not require the addition of batteries or electronics to your wheels. Instead, a 4mm wide, nearly weightless phosphorescent pin stripe is applied to each rim, and as the wheels rotate, the attachments charge via LEDs mounted to the bike and wired into its power supply. Packages are available for both one and two wheels.

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