Outrider Coyote Adaptive 4WD ATV

Posted: September 25, 2022
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In addition to deeming it "the World's Lightest 4WD off-road machine," Outrider specifically built their Coyote 4WD ATV "for able-bodied and disabled riders alike." The robust and burly vehicle has adaptive design options that return some independent - and thrilling - recreation - to people who have suffered spinal cord injuries, are paraplegic, quadriplegic, or hemiplegic, or who have cerebral palsy, ALS, MS, or high blood pressure.

Outrider can equip their ATVs with standard grip steering, or their proprietary Tri-Pin controls, which are friendlier to those with reduced arm and hand strength. The Coyote requires no leg movement or control to operate, because throttle and braking come from leaning backward and forward on the Tri-Pin mounts. Steering columns connect under the seat, and pull toward or away from the rider to turn right or left. Only light force is required to get the Coyote. to respond.

The Coyote ATV is an all-electric vehicle, powered by 4 motors and a 6000 watt-hour lithium battery. Max speed is 22 MPH.

For those with no disabilities who just want to tool through the rocks and mud in a 3-wheel buggy, the Coyote is easily transportable at 220 pounds, and a compact 60" long x 33" wide x 33" tall. You and your friend Cornelius could almost carry it canoe-style from your mama's house to the open space and backroads.

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