P.50 Car Kit - Build Your Own World's Smallest Car

Posted: June 26, 2022
P.50 Car Kit - Build Your Own World's Smallest Car
$9,200 - $11,650
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Ha! It's A DIY clown car! Except the P.50 isn't clowning around. Builders of car kit, available in electric and gas models, will find themselves the proud owners of fully functional examples of the World's Smallest Car. Not to mention a detailed replica of one of the world's rarest.

The P50 microcar is "narrower than a phone box and shorter than a Vespa." It debuted on the Isle of Man in the early 60s, but dwindled in production to the point that less than 30 of the originals remain today. And, as you might imagine, getting your hands on one is neither easy nor cheap.


Around 10 years ago, P.50 Cars began working on a new version of the P50, an homage to the OG. Today, they have developed both factory-built and self-build models available to all who relish the thought of owning and driving the World's Smallest Car.

The P.50 Car Kits come with everything you need to create your own wee tiny automobile. Further, P.50 Cars says the build process is "mechanically simple" and all individual parts and components are manageable in size and weight for a single person to work with - even the engine. Assembly time is around 50 hours.

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