Park Right Parking Mat

Posted: January 24, 2020
Park Right Parking Mat
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Stop parking like an a-hole...in your own garage...with a Park Right Parking Mat from Maxsa Innovations. The 21" x 11" x 2" rubber stopper is molded with 2 raised bumpers that let you know when your front tire is positioned perfectly on the mat, which you'll position perfectly on the floor of your garage, to ensure you park perfectly every time. Because only you can prevent fender benders and side-swipes with walls, lawnmowers, and Hell's Forges.

The Park Right Parking Mat installs on garage floors with anti-skid tape that prevents the mat from moving as you roll in and out. It also has a built-in drip tray to catch water, snow, and dirt, but the mats sell as singles, and all you really need for parking is one, so not sure how much good that's gonna do you. Maxsa Innovations says the Park Right Parking Mat is one size fits all passenger vehicles.

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