RIFT Carbon Campers

Posted: September 22, 2022
RIFT Carbon Campers
$29k - $39k
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Big may be beautiful, but when it comes to RIFT Carbon Campers, under 500 pounds is lookin' pretty good too. Thanks to a carbon fiber shell over a powder-coated aluminum frame, and a 61-pound tongue weight, the RIFT Utility Camper is an ultra-lightweight towable you can hook up to pretty much any vehicle with a tow hitch.

In addition to the make-and-model flexibility of road tripping or car camping with the feathery RIFT, the weight and size of the camper also create less wear on your vehicle, and give you better gas mileage on the open road. And when it's time to park it, either overnight or for the season, the RIFT Utility Camper fits in any standard parking spot.

In addition to the Utility Camper, RIFT also makes a more rugged Adventure Sport Camper, which is a little heavier at 660 pounds, but still pretty svelte. Both Carbon Campers feature a mono-coque capsule large enough for a queen mattress. The Utility comes with an inflatable mattress, while the Adventure Sport upgrades to a foldable mattress / sofa system, plus adds a pull-out cooktop and sink, and built-in refrigerator.

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