RPlate Digital License Plates

Posted: September 26, 2023
RPlate Digital License Plates
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Neville Boston calls metal license plates "a 19th century feature of 21st century life." Boston is the co-founder of Reviver, a company that has launched digital license plates called RPlates, in an effort to make your vehicle's nametags as modern and tech-savvy as the vehicle itself.

My first thought upon seeing the words "RPlate Digital License Plates" is that we have a new and improved take on the 007 Motorized License Plate Masks. A smartphone-controlled system that allows you to project whatever clever personalization, or police-evading faux state numbers and registration, you want. But while RPlate is a platform that connects your vehicle to your phone, it's not going to let you tell the driver behind you "GORAMS," "URHOT," or "FCKOFF." And it's not going to help you dodge the law.

What the RPlate will do:

  • Allow you some visual personalization features, such as switching between light / dark modes, and creating your own banner message underneath your official license plate number.
  • Let you renew your vehicle registration right from the app.
  • Send you instant alerts if your vehicle moves, and give you the option to report it stolen through the app.
  • Give your car a more futuristic look.

RPlates come in Battery and Wired models. The former is designed for quick self-installation and includes no location tracking, while the latter needs professional wiring into the vehicle, and does include location tracking. Both require an RPlate subscription, currently $75/year, in addition to plate purchase. At printing, the digital license plates were approved for use in California, Arizona, and Michigan.

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