Tirecockz Prank Tire Valve Stem Caps

Posted: August 05, 2019
Tirecockz Prank Tire Valve Stems
$16.99 - $19.99
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Ain't no practical joke more practical than Tirecockz. The ridickulous penis tire valve stem caps will humiliate your friend Cornelius (more than driving a Dodge Neon beater already does) but still protect his valve stems while he's spinning porkswords to get home to figure out how to make you pay for this purple-nozzled yogurt slinger of injustices.

Tirecockz come in wang packs of 4 to 6, and about a dozen different colors, including green glow-in-the-dark. Each ABS plastic peen has a 0.5" shaft and 0.625" balls, for a total length of 1.625" of penis-pranking fun.

If you're out to make your favorite dick on a bike pop an angry wheelie willy, Tirecockz screw onto any Schrader-style valve stem, covering most motorcycles and bicycles, as well as off-road vehicles too.

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