Volkner Mobil RVs with Built-In Car Storage

Posted: May 01, 2020
Volkner Mobil RVs with Built-In Car Storage

Volkner Mobil RVs don't come with a Mini-Cooper, but if you want to make highest and best use of the motorhomes' center built-in car storage, I'd highly recommend getting one. Volkner says a new Fiat 500 would work too. And that's just in their Performance Perfection model, shown above. Go for the upgraded Performance motorhome, and your motorgarage will accommodate a Porsche 911, BMW i8, Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet, Ferrari, "or whatever" according to Volkner. Loading and unloading takes just a few minutes, courtesy of the hydraulics supporting the extension and retraction of the vehicle platform.

Though not as visually slick, the Volkner 800 - Adventure Line and 920 - 1200 HG models also have mid-size vehicle and recreational equipment storage chambers with slide-out ramps at the rear.

The pictured Volkner Mobil Performance Perfection motorhome is built with a Volvo bus chassis, and divided into a "ground floor," the garage and "first floor," the living space. The latter is fitted with EdgeLine furniture and oak wood floors, and features a full-height bedroom with king bed, as well as built-in bunks. If the common space isn't big enough for you, Volkner Mobil can add on a "wall-out" that protrudes from the side of the upper portion of the motorhome, extending living space another 1/2 meter in width over a 9-meter length (1.6' over 29.5'.)

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