Death By Toys Parody Playsets

Posted: November 15, 2022
Death By Toys Parody Playsets
$25 - $60
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Death By Toys Parody Playsets are here to slay your White Elephant and Dirty Santa parties this year thanks to one dude, and one dude alone. Dan Polydoris calls himself a "one-man action figure boutique," and from conception to creation, he does it all to bring these awful and awfully funny limited edition packaged sets to life.

Above you see Polydoris' Fun with Electricity Playset, featuring a power outlet and a fork. Don't worry, stuck-up Aunt Jan, and all the stuck-up Aunt Jans of the world, the outlet doesn't work. And the fork is plastic, so you could actually stick it in one of the outlets in your house that does.

Just kidding. Don't do that.

All Death By Toys Playsets come with a Death Certificate of Authenticity, and all the love only handmade gifts with names such as Fun with Black Mold, Genuine Thoughts and Prayers, My First Animal Sacrifice, and I'm Gonna Fuck Me a Fish can.

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