LEGO Steamboat Willie

Posted: March 19, 2019
LEGO Steamboat Willie
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Curious date LEGO is releasing their Steamboat Willie build. They say it's to honor Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary. The black-and-white build reflects the SS Willie featured in the Disney cartoon character's 1928 debut, an animated short film called "Steamboat Willie." And I guess April 1 is a Monday in 2019. Beginning of the month, beginning of the week - seems like a good day to release something new.

Alright, LEGO, I'm going to to trust you on this one.

But no one else! I'd advise the rest of you dudes to adopt the same mindset. Who knows what kind of trickery other companies, not to mention co-workers, wives, and friends Cornelius, are going to cook up over the weekend leading up to April Fool's Day this year.

Back to the LEGO 21317 Steamboat Willie, though. The design features moving steam pipes and rotating paddle wheels, and a working crane on deck that lifts a potato bin aboard. Also new for April 2019 are included Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse minifigs, plus a pet parrot.

A better inclusion would have been a sensor-activated Porky Pig head mounted to the top of the SS Willie that stutters, "That's all folks!" when you wave your hand across his face. There's still time, LEGO!

LEGO's tribute to Mickey Mouse stands 5" high, 10" long, and 5" wide when assembled. The Steamboat Willie set includes 751 pieces.

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