Super Foodie Action Figure Accessories

Posted: July 09, 2018
Super Foodie Action Figure Accessories
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Deadpool with a taco? Let's taco 'bout my first day of superhero school. Baby Groot with a beer? I am - hiccup! - Groot. Not surprising at all. But Batman with an ice cream cone? Captain America holding up a pizza box? Maybe they're a double scoop of freeze grenades and pepperoni from the $2 pie joint I went to in college that was hard enough it probably could deflect swords and absorb the strength of the Hulk.

Super Foodie action figure accessories add a little nourishment, humor, and possibly an addictive habit or two to the lives your favorite superheroes and villains. The 18-piece set includes 6" scale accessories designed to fit standard action figure grips. This should include most 5", 6", and 7" scale action figure lines, including Marvel Legends, Star Wars Black, Revoltech, DC Universe, Transformers, Funko Pop, and One:12.

The Super Foodie set comes with plastic pizza, beer, sodie, whiskey, ice cream, a donut, a big fat turkey leg, and a partially peeled banana, all ready to satiate a super hunger and quench a wicked thirst. The action figure accessories are sweet (and savory! and potent!) additions to shelf and desktop toy displays, as well as unique superhero gifts for any collectors you may know.

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