Your Face Zombie & Vampire Hunter Figurines

Posted: June 10, 2012
Vampire Hunters Wedding Cake Topper

Looking for an undead-slaying wedding cake topper? How about an ass-kicking Mini Me? Jessica of Etsy's Jess' Shop customizes zombie and vampire hunter figurines with buyers' own faces and clothing specifications to inject couples' killer personalities into 5-tiered symbols of matrimony...or just give fantasy diehards a 1:11 scale replica of their BAMF alter egos.

The featured photo and $150 price tag correspond to a duo of zombie hunters intended as a wedding cake topper. Devil's food adornments are molded from Super Sculpey modeling clay, and handpainted in brides' and grooms' likenesses from photos buyers submit after purchase. Customized betrothed vampire eradicators, replete with axes and stakes, or shes and hes posing as shrunkified Buffys and Angels, also make for pretty sweet and unexpected cap offs to otherwise predictable wedding reception highlights of bouquet tosses, chicken dances, and drunk cousins chunking up 6 ounces of ribeye and two bottles of Champagne in one of the flower arrangements.

For $60 to $75, the single and already married can also enjoy the fruits of ceremonial desserts--minus all the calories and vows and crap--with solo personalized zombie or vampire executioners.

Figurines measure 6" to 7" tall. They should be handled with care, as due to their hardened clay material they are not nimble, pliant, or indestructible. Unlike their living counterparts.

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