BooBuddy Interactive Ghost Hunting Bear

Posted: January 26, 2018
BooBuddy Interactive Ghost Hunting Bear
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BooBuddy: part stuffed bear; part ghost hunter; all cuddles for paranormal hobbyists. Or anyone who needs an offbeat Valentine's Day gift. BooBuddy, your trusty interactive investigator, detects changes in electromagnetic fields (EMF), motion, and temperature, and tells you about what he finds. Plus, he encourages turning off the lights, tuning in to your senses, and feeling all presence. Presuming you're ghost-free, not a bad aphrodisiac.

When you switch BooBuddy on makers Ghost Stop say he begins his investigative work by asking EVP questions, trying to trigger a response from any spirits in the vicinity. Even if your own inquiries and efforts have been met with silence, you might find that no being, alive or dead, can resist giving the tough (and adorable!) EMF bear what he wants.

As "responses" come in, BooBuddy lights up, changes, and verbally reports his findings. Be sure to set up the ghost hunting helper alongside a recorder or video camera to document the proof of not-aloneness you collect along the way.

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