Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual

Posted: June 02, 2012
Aliens - Colonial Marines Technical Manual
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A revised edition of the 1996 original, the Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual saw its re-release on May 29, 2012, just in time for Ridley Scott's forthcoming--and, uh, entirely unrelated--Prometheus big screen debut. Like the first edition, the manual looks at the microcosm of its star scientific nightmare, guiding readers through all the dirty details of the United States Colonial Marine Corps' equipment and procedures. Almost overwhelmingly comprehensive, fanatics, dedicated cosplayers, serious Alien video gamers, and the people who love them, and therefore feign polite interest in their borderline unhealthy obsessions, will enamor themselves with sketches, diagrams, technical schematics, and plans waxing poetic on the weapons, vehicles, and ships of the USCMC.

A perusal of the guide's pages stuffs brains with knowledge such as the kind of ammo an M41A Pulse Rifle uses--10 millimeter explosive tip caseless--hierarchies, duties, and even uniforms of USCMC personnel, and descriptive blueprints of the M56 Smart Gun and UD4L drop ship, plus a few weapons that didn't make it into the movies. Digging even deeper, the book explores and expands upon powerloader and android physiology, and includes a 15-page series of transcripts between Weyland-Yutani executives discussing the alien genetics and mistakes made by the USCMC.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines Technical Manual also serves as a fitting lead-in for those hotly anticipating the February 2013 release of the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game.

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