Am I a Dude? (A Little Dudeist Book)

Posted: September 01, 2021
Am I a Dude? (A Little Dudeist Book)
  • Am I a Dude? (A Little Dudeist Book)
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Am I a Dude? as a children's book title can have so many connotations these days, but here, my dudes, James Duncan's Little Dudeist Book naturally refers to a kiddo's potential for membership to the "Number One religion based on a Jeff Bridges movie."

And, even though it would serve me either way, I'm not even kidding. Unlike Go the F**k to Sleep and Nobody Likes a Cockblock, Am I a Dude? isn't even a satire storybook. The Big Lebowski and Bridges' The Dude have legit spun off the Dudeism religion, and the Church of the Latter-Day Dude. And by "legit" I mean, uh, Scientology-style.

In Am I a Dude?, the first of 2 Little Dudeist volumes, a boy named Finnegan learns what a dude is, where dudes came from, and if he abides.

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