Posted: May 05, 2020
Check It Out

Ha! I like how the first image I happened to look at from the Dadskills: How to Be an Awesome Father and Impress All the Other Parents - From Baby Wrangling - To Taming Teenagers book was one of a section called "Hire a Nanny." In other words, Dad, the best thing you can do for your child is leave it in the care of someone else. Bonus: this will give you more free time to do all the non-parenting activities you actually want to do, such as golf, drinking beers with your bros, and ogling the nanny.

I joke, I joke. The nanny bit is indeed included in Dadskills, but I took it way out of context, and before you start throwing virtual tomatoes and shoes at me, I do recognize that parents who both work may have no choice but to hire a nanny.

An obvious gift for Dad choice, especially if he's a newer dad, Dadskills reads as a manual for rocking the biggest and more important job a man will ever have. Author Chris Peterson breaks his tips on How to Be an Awesome Father and Impress All the Other Parents into short, easily navigated sections that begin with the "paternity ward," and travel all the way through the child's life to Dad's ultimate, coveted destination: the empty nest.

Major sections, each divided into subsections, and then page-plus topics, include: Baby Wrangling; Dealing with Toddlers; The Single-Digit Challenge; Managing the Tweens; Taming Teenagers; and Empty Nesting (or Not). Yikes! "Or not." I forgot how kids don't really move out anymore. Dads now have to Dadskills them forever. You poor bastards. Hope you've got a healthy supply of cash and New Balance Casual Comfort Cross Trainers stashed away.

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