Flowcharts to Help Answer Life's Bigger Questions

Posted: June 28, 2019
Flowcharts to Help Answer Life's Bigger Questions
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If you've already used Knock Knock's flowcharts to answer life's Inconsequential Dilemmas, perhaps it's time to move on to Consequential Dilemmas: 45 Flowcharts for Life's Bigger Questions. Think less "Should I eat food I just dropped on the floor?" and more "Should I have kids?"

Though if your movement through the inconsequential flowchart leads you to answer "No" to the first question, I'd say that makes it an automatic "No" to the second too.

Lighthearted and irreverent despite its serious topics, Consequential Dilemmas gives flowchart-styled counsel on heady questions such as: "Should I get married?"; "Can I drink at work?"; "Should I follow my dreams?"; and "Am I happy?" According to Knock Knock the flowcharts are for anyone at a crossroads who wants to guarantee they'll make their next choice "with pseudoscientific confidence!"

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