Gods of Soccer

Posted: October 06, 2022
Gods of Soccer
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I can't say much about Men in Blazers Present Gods of Soccer: The Pantheon of the 100 Greatest Soccer Players (According to Us), because I'm not a knowledgeable fan of soccer / football / footy / footie. But I can say two things.

One: That book title is too long, dudes. I've instated a 55-character limit for my post titles, and I feel that's a pretty good number for all titles of all things in life, so...consider paring it down for the second edition.

Two: While I, and I'm sure the ladies, appreciate your inclusion of ladies in your Pantheon of the 100 Greatest Soccer Players, and while I am in no way encouraging an even longer title (see "One" above), do ladies like to be referred to as "gods?" Should it not be Gods and Goddesses of Soccer? Did you do a focus group on that to confirm the existing verbiage is acceptable?

The Men in Blazers, for those not familiar, host soccer podcasts, along with a weekly show on NBC. Gods of Soccer compiles their 100 best players "based on triumphs, sublime moments of skill, superhuman tenacity, and telenovela-esque backstories." Inside you'll find obvious entries, such as Pele, David Beckham, Alex Morgan, and Brandi Chastain (i.e., people I've even heard of) along with players only true soccer fans (or at least people who are not me) will recognize. Like the Brazilian star Garrincha, who hit the pitch in the 60s with one leg 6" shorter than the other. And Leeds United superstar John Charles, who took the Wales team to the World Cup in 1958, where they lost in the quarterfinal to Brazil. Charles was injured and had to sit the game out. Brazil's lone goal was scored by a 17-year-old kid named Pele, his first ever World Cup goal.

Gods of Soccer is a full-color coffee table book, with both player photos and colorful background illustrated by Nate Kitch.

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