Grow the F*ck Up

Posted: November 09, 2015
Grow the F*ck Up
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Grow the F*ck Up, you had me at "Giggle and shart." John Kyle's approach to teaching teens and young adults how to survive and, more importantly, make something of themselves in the world outside Mama's house is blunt, bossy, and dripping with satire. But the book isn't a joke. If you know (or are) a 20something, post-adolescent, emerging adult, or whatever the hey they're calling them these days who just can't get his or her sh*t together, Grow the F*ck Up will dish out step-by-step instructions on how to find that sh*t, scoop it up, and stack it in neat little piles all in a row.

Kyle tackles 44 rites of passage into adulthood many of us were never taught at home or in school. From money management to how to shut off the water supply during a plumbing emergency, Grow the F*ck Up seeks to enlighten by way of knocking sense into anyone whose levels of maturity and self-sufficiency could stand to catch up to the number of years they've been chillin' on earth.

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