How to Drink Like a Writer

Posted: November 03, 2020
How to Drink Like a Writer
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How to drink like a writer? Uh...a lot? Do we really need a whole book? I guess if you want the specific Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations That Inspired 100 Literary Greats, then How to Drink Like a Writer will indeed be your cup of tea...spiked with whiskey poured from a flask hidden in your boot so you won't get stares for getting drunk alongside your morning croissant. Hey, it's tough being a novelist. A playwright. A poet. Sometimes you need a shot of inspiration.

Sometimes you need a shot to numb the writer's block.

How to Drink Like a Writer pairs 100 literary legends with recipes for their drinks of choice. Ernest Hemingway's Havana Mojito. F. Scott Fitzgerald's Gin Rickey. Truman Capote's "Orange Drink," aka the Screwdriver. Dorothy Parker's Whiskey Sour. (I like how the first words in the description of that last one are, "Enjoy this cocktail midday....")

How to Drink Like a Writer also includes illustrations of ingredients and cocktails, tips for hosting your own literary salon, and some of the author's favorite hangover cures to accompany their favorite cocktails.

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