Juniper Books Lord of the Rings: The Complete Writings

Posted: July 10, 2022
Juniper Books Lord of the Rings: The Complete Writings
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What's in a name? When you're talking Lord of the Rings, years of work, millions of fans, and billions of dollars in book and film revenue. And when you're talking Juniper Books? Dust jackets.

For over 20 years, Juniper Books has been producing the covers for covers of book series to create custom, coordinated sets for cohesive display. Lord of the Rings: The Complete Writings includes all 5 hardcover Tolkien novels (The Hobbit, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and The Simarillion) fitted with Juniper-Books-illustrated dust jackets inspired by Middle Earth. The jackets incorporate shades of green and gold, each with its own mountain range landscape and flourishes. Aligned in order on your bookshelf, the spines of the LOTR series create a sixth unique image, of a golden Smaug of a dragon flying across the mountainous land. A great gift for the Tolkien fan, or any ol' geek who wants to snazz up their literature display.

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