Quantum Physics for Babies Board Book Set

Posted: January 21, 2021
Quantum Physics for Babies Board Book Set
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Quantum physics, is that what babies are into these days? Sheez, in that case, I'm even more relieved I decided not to have any. Last thing I need is to get intellectually dunked on by an infant. It was hard enough to resign myself to such a fate with my wife.

Quantum Physics for Babies is one of 4 books in the board book set from author Chris Ferrie. The books are, obviously, educational for budding geniuses and STEM enthusiasts, but with simple lines of text and full-color explanatory illustrations, they're also accessible for wee tykes of all ages. And, equally important, for the parents reading them.

Other board books in the set include Rocket Science for Babies, General Relativity for Babies, and Newtonian Physics for Babies.

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