The Botany of Beer

Posted: February 23, 2023
The Botany of Beer
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The Botany of Beer is supposed to be An Illustrated Guide to More Than 500 Plants Used in Brewing, but I can't find a single decent image of a single page inside Giuseppe Caruso's publication. So while the title makes it seem like it would be a great coffee table book or gift for the beer lover, who knows? Maybe the illustrations were done by a drunk 5-year-old, and the information about plant characteristics and applications in beer making written by a failed botanist who drinks only Bud Light Lime.

No offense to Bud Light Lime. I think it's delicious.

But let's just say we show some faith in The Botany of Beer, and believe by its cover alone that the book is the "beautifully illustrated compendium" it claims to be. And that Caruso is indeed a "botanical expert." If that's all true, both beer geeks and plant geeks alike should go giddy over the 500 plants Caruso has hand-drawn and detailed in their use to create diversity and distinct flavors in beers from all over the world.

Caruso accompanies each of his plant species with its scientific classification, common names, and information about morphology, geographical distribution and habitat, and cultivation range. You'll also learn what role the plant plays in what types of beer.

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