The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook

Posted: July 06, 2021
The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook
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I have to admit, I've never tried Duke's Mayonnaise. It's a Southern thing, right? Gotta admit too, I've never tried cooking. Also a Southern thing?

The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook contains 75 recipes author and Duke's fan Ashley Freeman feels exemplify the polarizing condiment that is mayo, and particularly the Duke's interpretation of it. I don't know what makes Duke's Mayonnaise better than Hellmann's, or Kraft's, or even Primal Kitchen's takes on egg yolks meet oil - maybe it's the oleoresin paprika? - but Eugenia Thomas Duke seems to have developed a cult following with her 100+-year-old South Carolina spread.

Still, you don't have to know and love Duke's Mayonnaise to know and love the recipes in The Duke's Mayonnaise Cookbook. There are obvious inclusions, such as deviled eggs and chicken salad, plus some "secret ingredient"-type dishes, like mayo pie crust, fluffy mayo scrambled eggs, and mayo chocolate cake.

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