The Swiss Army Knife Book

Posted: August 10, 2017
The Swiss Army Knife Book
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Need a gift for a man? It doesn't get any gift-for-a-manlier than The Swiss Army Knife Book and its 63 outdoor projects for a dude (or your mama, if that's how she rolls) to build with nothing but the most famous multi-tool on Mother Earth, and a few of the natural materials Mother Earth has to offer.

More importantly, The Swiss Army Knife Book is pretty cheap and easy to wrap. Compact, no bulbous protrusions or squishy surfaces like the giant talking Chewbacca I got She-Ra: Princess of Power for her birthday. You could even stuff it in a gift bag and wash your hands of the whole paper process entirely.

Or I guess you could buy The Swiss Army Knife Book and read it yourself. Learn how to "build a comfortable camp in the wilderness using nothing more than a pocket knife," thanks to woodsman Felix Immler's sharing his know-how. Some of the 63 projects included in the SAK manual: a waterproof roof; a chair, bed, and table; a fridge; and an oven.

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