Build Dice

Posted: November 06, 2022
Build Dice
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These Build Dice are an especially great gift to give to someone you want to build something for you. Like a bathroom shelf or padded mudroom bench or a garden trellis or a...oh crap. Please don't tell my mama about Build Dice.

The set of 3 25mm aluminum Build Dice divvies its "lubrication for your creative process" into objects, materials, and properties. So a roll may provide guidance such as "houseware," "cement or clay," and "low budget." Or "furniture," "cardboard," and "extra big / small." Or - gulp - "gift," "wood," and "one day build." Dudes, I reiterate my previous request: please don't tell my mama about Build Dice.

Muchas danke to The Awesomer.

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