CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater

Posted: July 03, 2019
CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater
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The CINEMOOD Portable Movie Theater boasts both about the big things it projects outside and the big things it contains inside. The 3" cube serves as an indoor / outdoor projector with a 5-hour battery life, as well as a content device. CINEMOOD has built-in access to streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, AmebaTV, and YouTube, plus comes pre-loaded with a wad of Disney content for kids, including 40 digital books, 25 safety videos, and cartoon shorts featuring Frozen, Toy Story, and Lion King characters.

CINEMOOD's portability and ability to turn any surface into a screen makes it easy enough to take for movie nights in the park, Prime videos on the airplane, and cartoons on the ceiling Sunday mornings. In addition to its pre-loaded content the device has an additional 8GB of storage space for uploading and playing personal videos and slideshows. You can also use iOS screen mirroring with the CINEMOOD.

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