Dragon Hoodie

Posted: September 17, 2013
Dragon Hoodie
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I like it when objects can wholly encompass their descriptors both literally and figuratively. For example, previously dragons were hot due solely to their deadly breath of fire. But then Canada Cosplay decided to turn them into curve-hugging ladies' hoodies, such that now they are also hot due to their inciting great discomfort in my crotchal region even whilst displayed on women made of plastic.

Hand-crafted cosplay (or school or Sunday Mass) hoodies sell in colors black and rainbow, the latter like that dragon who cries Starburst tears. Flourishes including a full-length, Velcro-detachable tail and clawed finger covers solidify the dragon's position as Best Ever Mythical Beast Re-imagined As a Piece of Casual Wear.

Now all I need is one girl in a dragon hoodie, another in a medieval knight hoodie, and ringed field of grass...no, mud...to partake in what will surely be a most epic battle of horizontal fantastical fortitude, and I can die a full-hearted man.

Muchas danke to Incredible Things.

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