Dragon Scale Gauntlets

Posted: March 12, 2021
Dragonscale Gauntlets
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Who on earth needs a pair of Dragon Scale Gauntlets? No wait, let me rephrase that: who on earth doesn't need a pair of Dragon Scale Gauntlets? Especially a pair of Dragon Scale Gauntlets so striking. So detailed, and...3D, and...red. (You can get the scales in orange, green, purple, blue, white, or black too.)

Draconic Wares hand crafts their Dragon Scale Gauntlets, plus a host of other scale-themed accessories and pieces of jewelry, to order, out of a studio Arlington, MA. Scales are made of anodized aluminum, and linked together with rings of the same material. The Dragon Scale Gauntlets give you a little more functionality during wear thanks to chainmail mesh sewn in at the palms instead of more dragon scales. The mesh is made of a combination of anodized aluminum and EPDM rubber rings, the latter to help with the gauntlets' grip, and better form to the shape of their slayer's (i.e., cosplayer's) hand.

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