Dragon Scale Leather Armor

Posted: September 24, 2012
Dragon Scale Leather Armor
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Dragon slaying dudes saw their wicked set of leather armor featured a few months ago, so now, ladies, it's your turn. John McGovern is peddling this handcrafted Dragon Scale Leather Armor to badasses of the female persuasion. But let me just pause for a minute to say that I had to stare at the photo of that coy ginger minx modeling the armor for a solid 3 to 4 minutes trying to determine whether she is a real girl or a mannequin I'm going to have to put a bra on my head to turn into a real girl. And honestly, I'm still not really sure, though the fact that she appears to have only one arm sort of sways me towards mannequin. Not that there's anything wrong with her being a real girl and an amputee. I mean, I love hot amputees as much as the next guy, but...so about this dragon armor.

Cosplay addicts and Daenerys Targaryen Halloween hopefuls amenable to dropping six C-notes on a costume will relish McGovern's chest and shoulder pieces, full wrap skirt, and bracers, all whipped into fightin' form from 10-ounce premium leather. Colors are all custom, per the buyer's request, and McGovern can mix nearly any color interested parties would like. Dragon scales stay affixed to corresponding body parts with strap and buckle closures.

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