Gas-Powered LED Wings

Posted: September 14, 2012
Gas-Powered LED Wings
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Gas-powered mechanical wizard John Paul Rishea of Bionic Concepts follows up his Exo-Gauntlet Exoskeleton with this set of searing blue LED wings waiting to be scooped up by the first fancier of flight with $830. The wings include a backpack for attachment and unfurl to a 4-1/2-foot span of brilliant silver and light. Their power source is a CO2 cartridge, plus 8 AA batteries.

Steampunk angels and twisted flying monkeys can don and control the wings using a hand-held pad, which opens and closes them, as well as activates the LEDs. Each CO2 cartridge can fill the wings' tanks 3 times, and each fill makes for 12 to 16 spread metal eagles. The set includes 6 cartridges, which can be refilled at gas stations, or wherever compressed air is available.

See more details and links to videos of the Gas-Powered LED Wings in action on Rishea's Etsy page.

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