Indestructible Foam LED Lightsabers

Posted: November 08, 2015
$172 - $383
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The secret to surviving a lightsaber duel? Use the Force. Orrr...use a foam lightsaber. I know. It sounds chintzy and fake and generally lame. But Calimacil, purveyor of fine foam weapons for LARPing, swears their new Foam LEDsaber uses an advanced foam formula that makes them "practically indestructible." Players can engage in no holds barred duels without worrying their sabers will bend, crack, or snap in two upon impact (with my steely abs....)

The company further enhances dueling experiences with the addition of light and sound in their LEDsabers' hilts. LED lighting effects are intended to be fully immersive; wielders should feel as if they are wielding the light itself. Bluetooth connectivity adds a further layer of depth. When the LEDsaber is connected to a smartphone users are able to customize colors and create plasma effects on the blade.

Master versions of the LEDsaber also include a motion board with sensors that link to various light, as well as sound effects. The system can differentiate between hits, swings, and "locks", and will activate appropriate effects accordingly. The Calimacil motion board will also have periodic updates and new additions, such as games and training modules, to keep the battle experience fresh.

The foam sabers are available to backers on Kickstarter in various styles and colors, and at a few different price points, through December 3, 2015.

Muchas danke to Gizmodo.

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