Python Skin Death Trooper Helmet

Posted: June 03, 2017
Python Skin Death Trooper Helmet
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I think this python skin Death Trooper Helmet solidifies maker ELEMNT's position on Team Dark Side. Their first snaked-out Star Wars replica payed homage to Darth Vader, and was shaped around one of the 1,200 collector's edition helmets Disney made with the mold used to cast the Dark Lord's helmets in the original Star Wars series.

For python Star Wars, version Death Trooper, ELEMNT used the original Death Trooper helmet designed for Rogue One and, like before, has made just one piece. It shows off all of the mold's details, including dents and abrasions, through the snakeskin, and you can sport it as a functional piece of headwear if you've got somewhere appropriate to wear it to. I'm thinking black tie event. Or summer wedding. Well. As long as it's indoors and air conditioned.

The reptilian Death Trooper Helmet also comes with a clear display case and black base in case you prefer to show it off on your table or desktop rather than your head.

Note to Harry Potter House Slytherin fans: The python skin Darth Vader and python skin Death Trooper Helmets are the only pieces of Voldemort-approved Star Wars gifts.

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