SaberForge E-12 Multi-Role Blaster

Posted: April 07, 2019
SaberForge E-12 Multi-Role Blaster
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Who wants a shot of Vitamin E-12? SaberForge has already established themselves around here as a formidable weapons builder, but to date I've mostly wet myself over their custom made lightsabers. With the E-12 though they've left the blade fights behind for a multi-role blaster, and an evolution of the Empire's standard stormtrooper issue, the E-11 assault carbine.

The E-12 Blaster is made of metal alloys and weighs a hefty 6 pounds. It has a functional scope, removable magazine, and folding stock. For sound and lighting effects, it is fitted with Spark 2 electronics and a 12W Quad Cree Red / Blue LED.

The E-12 also improves upon several features of the E-11 blaster. First, it has 3 distinct fire settings: Assault, Heavy; and Stun. The blaster also has a new overcharge blast on each fire setting - assault fires a full auto barrage, Heavy a super heavy burst, and Stun an ion beam. The E-11 opted out of Heavy mode and overcharge blasts due to concern over stormtroopers wasting energy packs. However, additional research indicates that bearers in combat actually achieve a much higher hit percentage when they "they spray every joule from their battery packs in wild barrages."

Speaking of which, yes, my friends. The E-12 also comes with an improved shot accuracy design. According to SaberForge this blaster will hit 100% of its targets 60% of the time.

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