Cyberpunk Praying Mantis 3D Model Kit

Posted: March 23, 2023
Cyberpunk Praying Mantis 3D Model Kit
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This fetching and futuristic Cyberpunk Praying Mantis 3D Model does require some DIY activity, but maker Mecrob keeps the assembly fairly straightforward. The kit arrives as a collection of pre-cut and grooved parts that snap and screw together. No cutting, bending, glueing, or painting are required. What is required: about 3 hours of your time to turn 258 pieces into the 5.9" x 4.9" x 2.7" Cyberpunk Praying Mantis you see above.

In addition to the illuminating effects of its iridescent wings and metallic components, the Praying Mantis' tail will also light up with the addition of an AG1 battery (not included.) It has articulated joints and, despite the cyberpunk aesthetic, a bionic design that emulates a real praying mantis.

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