EmazingLights Orbite-X3 Spinning LED Orbit

Posted: December 08, 2020
EmazingLights Orbite-X3 Spinning LED Orbit
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When you tell your kids to go outside and play, hand them an Orbite-X3 spinning LED orbit and they may actually listen. The EmazingLights issue is obviously EDM show- and festival-ready, but you don't need to be a raver to enjoy its hypnotic light show.

You don't need to be particularly skilled to master it either. According to EmazingLights, the Orbite-X3 is easy to assemble and program, and suitable for both beginner and advanced spinners. The orbit is fitted with 4 LED microlights that have 16 flashing patterns, 3 mode shuffles, and 20 color options. In addition to creating sick outward light patterns and trails with dextrous moves, the Orbite-X3 can be flipped inside-out to create an inner glow as it's spun. A great gift for teens.

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